Cycling and mountain biking

The area surrounded provides number of roots for cycling. A combination of tea plantation tracks, canal paths and quiet back roads takes you through the whole eco tourism paradise. Travelling by bike yourself is a great way to mix with the rural people and to gain access to their lifestyle. 

        Water rafting

Nearby Kitulgala ( 10 km away ) is the capital of white water rafting in Sri Lanka. Boulder Stream Rivers with number of rocks provides the ideal setting for white water rafting. There are many places around Kitulgala providing the services for white water rafting.

        Bird Watching

The area around the hotel and nearby Kithulgala is one of the best bird watching destinations in Sri lanka which includes an area of primary and mature secondary forest.You can see the wonderful pairs of Sri Lanka Frogmouths cuddling up to each other on a branch when you are trekking along your path silently or a Green-billed Coucal flying sedately across the river and giving you a eyeball view. Walks in the forests will bring you many special birds which are migrated to the area and many other rare varieties of Sri Lankan birds.

        Nature tours /Hiking and trekking
In this area one can explore nature at its best. The mini jungle located nearby is ideal for nature tours. You can trek through these rainforest jungle that’s picturesquely set with gurgling streams and exotic fauna and flora. There are several opportunities to trek through the beautiful mountainous countryside, lush green tea estates and gushing
        See the process of Kitul Honey & Kitul Jaggery manufacturing

The nearby village Kitulgala is well known for its Kitul honey and Kitul juggery production.Kitul Jaggery (also transliterated as jaggeree) is the traditional unrefined wholesome sugar made from the sap of the Kitul Tree.The sap of the Kitual tree is taped early in the morning and the sap is boiled in a large vessel. When the sap is ready it is poured in to coconut shells and left to harden. Hence the shape and un uniform size. The finished product has a distinctive taste and solid as fudge.
A product from same tree namely “Kitul Panni” sweet honey taken from the Kitul Palm (Sago Palm) that grows abundantly here,

       Visiting of a tea factory / tea estate 
Visit to  a nearby tea factory and observe all about the process of manufacturing tea. You can also see how tea is graded. Taste a cup of pure Ceylon tea in the factory.By the way you can visit a commercial tea estate and see how they grow and the plucking of tea leaves.